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Matthew J. Paese, Ph.D.

Matthew J. Paese, Ph.D.

Audrey B. Smith, Ph.D.

Audrey B. Smith, Ph.D.

William C. Byham, Ph.D.

William C. Byham, Ph.D.

"Finding and having enough high-potential leaders in your pipeline is critical for growth, but how do we accelerate their readiness to take on the really big roles? Paese, Smith and Byham show us that the secret to growing leader readiness lies not in the talent, but in the energy we infuse in our processes and the level of risk we’re willing to take on our people."

Allan H. Church, Ph.D. Vice President, Global Talent Assessment and Development PepsiCo, Inc.

About the Book

Better leaders, ready now. It’s what successful businesses need to stay viable and what most are unable to achieve. The problem is not the absence of tools, technology, or processes. The problem is a lack of energy.

Growing leaders at the speed of business should be exhilarating, and even scary at times. Some organizations have figured this out, and are showing how more aggressive approaches rally business performance. It doesn’t take slick new technology or a clever tool. It takes boldness.

Leaders Ready Now challenges CEOs and Talent Management leaders to rethink lackluster approaches to accelerating leadership growth and to change the equation so that tools and processes don’t rob energy from the organization but, instead, create it. The authors take a fundamentally different angle and clearly illustrate how to transform your existing succession and development systems and grow the leaders your business needs—fast and fully enough to gain the advantage in a complex world.

Learn how the Acceleration Imperatives offer six practical ways for your organization to cultivate the energy and ownership to sustain acceleration over time and produce tangible results. 

"Finally, a book that recognises trying to cram more learning into already busy lives will not deliver the leaders you need. Nor does this book offer a panacea or silver bullet to the serious issue of ready now leaders for your business: So why read it? Because it encouraged me to think differently, take some risks and find the point where the anxiety to perform creates the energy to learn."

Dr. John Mahoney-Phillips Global Head of Learning Philips Lighting

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Think back to the time in your career when you were learning the fastest—what emotion is most closely associated with that time? We hear words like excitement, fear, thrill and even anxiety. Accelerated learning generates energy.

Author Matt Paese explores how Leaders Ready Now will help transform that energy into the leaders your business needs. Leaders who are Ready Now.

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Sample Chapters

"Succession management and leadership development are key components of any Company's ability to succeed in the future. This insightful book provides an effective toolkit for accomplishing those goals systemically, comprehensively and in an accelerated fashion. A must read for C-Suite executives!"

John Degnan Retired Vice Chairman and COO of the Chubb Corporation and as Chairman Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

About the Authors

From the Authors of Grow Your Own Leaders

Matthew J. Paese, Ph.D.

Matthew J. Paese, Ph.D.

Matthew is Senior Vice President of Succession and C-Suite Services for Development Dimensions International (DDI). Matt’s work has centered on the application of succession, assessment, and development approaches as they apply to boards, CEOs, senior management teams, and leaders across the pipeline. He consults, coaches, speaks, and conducts research around all those topics and more.

Audrey B. Smith, Ph.D.

Audrey B. Smith, Ph.D.

Audrey is Senior Vice President for Global Talent Diagnostics at DDI. Audrey’s customer-driven innovation and global consulting insights have helped shape DDI’s succession, selection, and development offerings, from the C-suite to the front line. She has been a key strategist and solution architect, encompassing technology enabled virtual assessments and development aligned to current business challenges.

William C. Byham, Ph.D.

William C. Byham, Ph.D.

Bill is Executive Chairman of DDI. He cofounded the company in 1970 and has worked with hundreds of the world’s largest organizations on executive assessment, executive development, and succession management. Bill authored Zapp!® The Lightning of Empowerment, a groundbreaking book that has sold more than 3 million copies. He has coauthored 23 other books, including seminal works on the assessment center method.

"Leaders Ready Now offers a practical prescription for dialing up your leadership capability and readiness velocity. Organizations interested in earning a winning position and staying ahead of their competition can’t afford to miss the pragmatic acceleration principles offered in Leaders Ready Now."

Laci Loew Principle Talent and Organizational Development

"In today’s dynamic, fast-paced world of business, leaders who strive to ensure competitive customer approaches and market leading innovation are often surprised when they don't have the talent required to fuel future growth. This book offers pragmatic advice on how to grow leaders at the speed of business and make talent planning a natural, ongoing part of business cadence."

Scott Boston VP Global Talent Management Kimberly-Clark Corporation

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"Growing the pipeline of future leaders is key to economic competitiveness. Based on DDI’s work with over 1000 organizations, Leaders Ready Now provides a road map for companies who want to accelerate that growth. Any business leader seeking a competitive advantage in today’s complex global economy would do well to heed this compelling call for acceleration and initiate the types of learning journey opportunities for their future leaders described by the authors."

John McKernan Former Governor of Maine, and Senior Advisor U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Leaders Ready Now

From the Authors of Grow Your Own Leaders

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“Smart organizations are preparing now for the leaders they will need tomorrow. Leaders Ready Now, rings the clarion bell for immediate action and provides rigorously researched, yet flexible in approach ideas that will drive results for any organization.”

Barbara Mistick Author Stretch: How to Future-Proof Yourself for Tomorrow’s Workplace

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