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Leading Virtual Meetings

Not able to meet with your team in person? This free microcourse from DDI is designed to assist you in leading more effective virtual meetings. Feel free to share it with colleagues or friends who may be struggling with this topic.

Virtual meetings are becoming more common as leaders and employees work remotely. In times of security or healthcare concerns, organizations may even mandate working at home for employee safety. Technology makes it possible for teams to instantly meet, regardless of their location – but working remotely and attending virtual meetings present a new set of challenges in communicating, collaborating, and avoiding distractions to remain productive.

As you move through this short course, you will be able evaluate your approach to leading a virtual meeting and your effectiveness. You’ll also receive advice to help improve your virtual meetings and maintain audience interest. Your scores are not recorded, and only you will see them.

Thanks for joining us for this microcourse. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about DDI’s leadership development courses, please contact us at

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