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DDI’s U-SPARK! Grant Program

Make a Difference With Your Favorite Nonprofit Organization!

DDI is committed to not only enhancing organizational performance, but to enriching people's lives, communities, and the world. We believe that by imparting our leadership and interpersonal skills, we will make them more effective in executing the missions of their organizations.


We now want to expand our vision with the U-SPARK! initiative. U-SPARK! is a program in which we award up to 50 grants each year to DDI certified facilitators. Facilitators can use DDI training materials with a non-profit of their choice and we will supply the materials, free of charge. 

Are you ready to SPARK change in your community?

If you are a certified DDI facilitator there are five steps to get you started:

  1. Check eligibility to participate in the program. (See the U-SPARK! guidelines.)
  2. Review the definition of a charitable organization in your country.
  3. Ask the non-profit's permission for the follow-up story with this consent form.
  4. Fill out a grant application.
  5. Tell us your U-SPARK! story.

For more information email us at

Video: Red Chair PGH DDI Scholarship Program Supports Women in Technology


Grant Completed?
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